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Hair Care

Honeytherapy ®. Making history

The hair cream for the bath based on typified honey and amino acids.

It is interesting to understand that we are more concerned  about our hair at this time of the year.
And, of course, this has occurred since remote times.
As tricologist, I always say that we must first diagnose the kind of hair and scalp, and ask ourselves what type of reality expects us. And then, act. This does not mean that we must wait until it gets worse, or deteriorates or we lose our hair.
On the contrary, we must always prevent.
Some years ago, during my studies in Europe, I was given the opportunity to understand how difficult it is to maintain and clean an Egyptian mummy in the Louvre Museum. The scientists were astonished by the condition of its conservation: hair, skin and nails. When I asked about this, I was told that in the mummification stage, they used honey.  
I began to do some research. This brought about that the honey the Egyptians used was not adulterated or healed of diseases with synthetic substances in its elaboration; and that currently, it was difficult to find such quality. I joined with an specialist in the subject, a vet, and we got down to business. We obtained a specific monoflora honey, from a wild plant. Now, how can we applied honey to our patents’ hair? In our age where everything must be fast and even immediate, this procedure was not practical. Continuing the search, we received the knowledge contribution of an advisor in the development of dermatology hair products, a pharmacist. And thanks to this interaction we developed a product and a technique called HONEYTHERAPY®. The hair cream for the bath based on typified honey and amino acids gives the hair the perfect combination of hair moisture and nutrition.
The honey, know for its properties since the old age, gives vitamins, amino acids and a set of essential minerals such us In, Mg, Cu, Ca and P, among others, which nourish and strengthen the hair. Besides that, we have incorporated a natural product, derived from the glutamic acid present in our body SCP (Sodium Carboxilate Pyrrolidone), combined with a group of amino acids essential for nutrition, which guaranties the hair moisturizing, ensuring its conditioning and handling. Among the present amino acids we find the prolin. Its formulation, besides nourishing, moisturizing and moistening, was thought to be of pleasant application by the patient and easy rinse.

Hair naturally damaged, post summer:
Hair treated with HONEYTHERAPY ®. It improves shine, the light reflects on it. It does not refract. Increase of hair mass. Cuticle closing.  

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