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Hair Loss

How to take care of the hair

The advice of an specialist in homemade S.O.S.

Some say that the hair is the face’s frame. Others, that talks about personality. And there are some people who are sure, that as the skin, it reflects the interior and health of the people. Among the advice of experts and coiffeurs and the scientific knowledge of dermatologists, Tricology appeared, as a discipline in charge of hair care.
Even though this technique is still not given in this country, there are some professionals that have studied abroad and give therapies.  One of them is Miguel Angel Cisterna, who studied in the School of Professional Teaching of the University of Barcelona and today he carries out his therapies in the Argentine Center of Hair Diagnosis.

How do you realize when a hair is healthy?

The hair is a reflect of our interior, of how we are. When it is healthy, it has bright and an even volume, in the head zone as well as in the sides and back. Instead, when it has some kind of disarrangement, it increases the oiliness and greasiness in the scalp and the rest of the hair looks dry and hard. There appear different thickness and there is a weakness in the growth cycle.

How is the cycle ?
The hair has a life cycle of at least four years in three stages. Growth, rest and fall. An alteration implies shortening of the cycle, for example two years, what make the hair not to be so long in the head. The new hair is weaker, and it does not get to long because it falls before. It is what we call hair involution..

What causes those disarrangements?

First the hygiene. One has to understand that our natural grease is necessary for the hair fiber. We should not be mad at the grease because is the natural balsam that the hair fiber has. When you do not wash the hair correctly, with something that is not suitable for our hair, it produces an alteration of the grease.

How long should we wash our hair?

It depends on the characteristics of each person. You have to keep a balance and that is achieved when the hair fibers have more bright that the hair scalp

How do you choose a shampoo?

Lately, the products have changed a lot. In Switzerland, for example, you can buy a product according to the PH you have.  Here it is better to choose according to the scalp and not according to the hair because what matters is the hair scalp. 

How useful the rinsers and the creams for brushing are?

The tricologists always look for the most natural solution. The best thing is what was done in the past. In our grandmothers’ time, when they wash the hair with soap and there were no conditioners, women at night brush their hair with a good brush in different directions and they achieved mechanically the lubrication of  the hair.